Agenda – December 21, 2016



    • HS ART-Mass MoCa trip $60 for 2 docents for approx 50 kids
    • Flexible seating request from Mrs. Chapko $200 for 80 kids
    • Fillipone- Author visits James Preller (grades 4-6 281 kids) $1,200, Ryan Smithson writing workshop (AP English and creative writing in HS 48 students) $500, Daniel Miyares author visit (grades k-2 283 kids) $400. From what I have been told the arts in ed funding has been exhausted.
    • McAuliffe- There will be a 2nd field trip in the spring to Salem Art Works and she is looking for $200 to make that happen.
    • Karen-Were you able to talk with 4th grade re: Brookside and birds of prey? If not they are requesting $319.44 for Brookside which was in November  and $250 for birds of prey for FEB/MARCH
    • Kelly Rogers HS PE- New blue tooth PA speaker to use during PE classes and sporting events in gym $150-$160
    • Driver- Chess club is requesting funding for new chess sets $40
    • Driver Author visit-Eric Devine 80-90 students $300
    • American History and Government Grades 11 &12- Field trip to statue of liberty and Ellis Island immigration museum. Looking to go late January/Early February and looking for bus deposit which they estimate <$500.
    • MIXED BAG- Delivered, great fundraiser. Due to a miscommunication the delivery was delayed and it was in no part the company’s fault.  Darcy has been working with many missing items that were not given to people/given gift cards.
    • IDEAS FOR 2017?
  • Movie NIGHT RECAP: Not as great of a turn out as hoped for. A little snafu with the projector but the movie was over before 8:30
  • JVAS- Building is in the process of closing. We will help give out scholarships in their name over the next 20 years!!
  • School pictures next year. Go with Life Touch again? Maybe over 2 days rather than the 1 day this year? They are looking to sign a contract and I would like to get back to her this week.
  • Do we want to advertise in HS Yearbook? We’ve been asked prices are between $35 for business card size, ¼ page for $70 to $450 for 2 page spread.
  • School banking should be ready to go in 2017
  • Dates for Screen Free week, Ericka Silverman will chair.
  • Date for Bingo night, Bridget Chapko will chair.
  • Zillah Herrington chair volunteers – Kathy Yaviniski working with volunteers on duties and structure
    • Michaeline Pashley, Mackenzie Ricciardone, Kristin Schram, and Kristine Wohlfahrt