Festival Of Wreaths

Thank You for your support of the 2021 Festival Of Wreaths! You helped make this our most successful year ever!

Our 2021 Festival Of Wreaths winners are –

Christmas Cheer – Chris D.

Hit the Trails – Lilith B.

Get Caffeinated – Jim S.

Christmas Spirit – Kaile Kenyon

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Dawn T.

Stay Warm and Toasty – Lisa M.

We Wish You A Fidget Christmas – Andrea D.

Bee Merry – Kim S.

K9 Christmas – Jess M.

Country Christmas – Megan L.

Rainbow Sparkle – Scarlett L.

Merry Grinchmas – Jayson R.

Snowman Delight – NJ C.

Divine Chocolate Cheer – Andrea S.

Buffalo Bills – Carlee Y.

Antler Greetings – Nahla S.

Self Care – Emmalee W.

A Lotto Luck – Priscilla I.

Farmhouse Everyday – Jess T.

Farmhouse Christmas – Carrie D.

Rustic Holiday – Callie B.

Winners will be contacted for pickup. Thank you to everyone that participated – your contributions enable us to continue supporting our teachers and students!

Hoosic Valley’s Festival of Wreaths 2021

Here’s your chance to support our fabulous Festival of Wreaths fundraiser. Between Dec 3-17th, your 50 cent donation gets you a single ticket to place in the running for your favorite wreath. The more you donate, the greater your chances to take one home! Use the code ARMSLENGTH on any donation of $7.50 or more to receive a 33% discount.

Tickets will also be available to purchase in person at the Winter Concerts!

Festival Of Wreaths

Local Business Owners, Community Group Leaders and Hoosic Valley  Community Members, 

The Hoosic Valley PTO is holding a Festival of Wreaths in December. We are asking community members, school families and area businesses to decorate and donate a wreath to our festival.  Participating is a marvelous way to shine the spotlight on your business, school club or even your own artistic talents! The donated wreaths will be displayed in the hallways throughout the school for two weeks.

Members of the school and community will be able to purchase raffle tickets at $0.50 per ticket or an arm’s length for $5. We will have tickets available for sale during The Ornament Painting Night and school concerts, school hours for students, as well as online for community members. *Stay tuned for more information* 

Whether your wreath is comical or elegant— make sure it stands out in the  crowd!

A few guidelines to remember: 

· Keep in mind that this is a wreath festival, and all entries must be shaped like a wreath or include a wreath  

· Kids are welcome to participate but we strongly encourage them to work WITH an adult to make sure their wreath is of the quality that would appeal to our bidders. 🙂 

· Wreaths do not have to have a holiday theme, “year-round” wreaths are also encouraged.

· We are sorry to say, but ONLY artificial wreaths will be accepted.  

· We do not have space to display extra items everything must be attached to your wreath. 

· All wreaths must be 24” or less. If you need a plain wreath, contact Ericka Silverman (see  info below). 

· Remember that this is a fundraiser, so the addition of gift cards is welcome! Be sure they  are securely attached to your wreath for security purposes or presented in a separate  envelope for us to give to the winner. Gift cards must be delivered along with the wreath. 

All proceeds will benefit The Hoosic Valley PTO. Thank you for your help!  All wreaths need to be delivered to the Main Office at Hoosic Valley  Elementary School .

If you would like to donate a wreath, please fill out the form on this link and return it ASAP.  

Remember, the wreath can be whatever kind of wreath you want to  make! In the past we have had traditional wreaths for all seasons and themed wreaths decorated in candy, gift cards, art supplies, kitchen gadgets, sports equipment, toys, Legos, movies and more! Your imagination is the limitit is so fun to see all the creative ideas!

Order your Elementary Yearbook!

It’s time to order your Elementary Yearbook!New this year – 2 custom pages! Upload your photos and fill your pages with special memories. Don’t forget to select “share your photos with the Hoosic Valley Elementary Community” – all that share photos will be entered in a drawing for a free yearbook (purchase price will be refunded).

Click the link below to order!


Virtual Bingo Q&As


  • What is HVPTO Virtual BINGO?
    • This is an online game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off five numbers in a row or another required pattern.
  • Why are we playing Virtual BINGO?
    • The goal of HVPTO Virtual BINGO is to unite and entertain the HV Community: all students, staff, and family members are invited to participate!
  • When is BINGO?
    • Our first date for virtual BINGO is:
      • Friday, March 5 at 6:00 pm. Be sure you are setup and ready to play!
  • How do I sign up to play?
    • BINGO cards can be obtained at hoosicvalleypto.com and signup will end the day before the event (Thursday March 4 at midnight). We do have a limited number of cards available and will cap registration when we reach that point – signup early!
  • How much does it cost? 
    • Since we are all learning how to host and play virtual BINGO, there is no cost to play, however, the PTO always welcomes donations of your time and/or money via our website. All cards obtained can be used for all rounds of BINGO on the night of the event – we are hoping to get in 3-4 rounds but will end around 7:30.
  • I registered – How do I get my cards?
    • After signing up to obtain your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your desire to participate. On the day of the BINGO event (around 2:00pm) you will receive another email containing links to access your BINGO cards and link to the Zoom meeting where we will call the game.
  • Can I play online and listen to the Zoom calls at the same time?
    • Yes! On most mobiles and tablets it’s possible to have Zoom running in the background while the browser is open so you can listen to the BINGO calls and mark your card on the same device. (Touch or click the numbers to mark your card when playing online.) Alternately, you can print your cards ahead of time or even copy them by hand onto a piece of paper – just be sure to write the card number that is assigned to your cards so we can confirm winning cards.
  • Can I play several BINGO cards at once on the same screen? 
  • Can I print the cards?
    • Yes! Watch this video demonstration to see how. After printing your cards, use coins, dried beans, small candies, etc. to mark your cards. Remember, all cards can be used for all rounds of BINGO on the night of the event!
  • How will we play?
    • Entry to the Zoom meeting (where we will call the game) will open at 6:00pm on the night of the event. The game will begin promptly at 6:10pm. If you are late to sign in you will be allowed entry between rounds. 
    • The caller will indicate how each round will be played. (Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, four corners, full card, etc.)
  • YAY!!! I HAVE BINGO! How do I announce?
    • Unmute your microphone and announce BINGO!!! Please also indicate this in the ‘chat’ feature of the Zoom meeting. The caller will check your card to confirm.
  • I’m still confused. Who can help?
    • Please email your questions to Lisa Meehan at meehanlisaj@gmail.com
  • This was AWESOME and we can’t wait to play again!
    • We are so glad you had fun! Please post your pictures and comments on our Hoosic Valley PTO Facebook page and invite all your friends to the next game of BINGO!

Amazon Wish Lists

Make a Wish Come True

Every year our teachers reach deep into their own pockets to make their classrooms special for all types of learners. This year we are sharing their Amazon Wishlists and Donors Choose Projects with our community in a hope to offset these extra costs. Please check back often, as new needs arise throughout the year. If you aren’t given the option to send to the teacher directly, feel free to mail it to the school directly referencing the teachers name. Also, don’t forget to use Amazon Smile where Hoosic Valley PTO also benefits by getting money back on every purchase.  Click on the teacher’s name below to view their list.

Elementary School


Ms. Palmateer


Mrs Neary

1st Grade

Mrs. Mooney

2nd Grade

Mrs. Silverman

3rd Grade

Mrs. Soden

Mrs. Cruz

4th Grade

5th Grade

Mrs. Bochette

Mr. Pemburn

6th Grade

Ms. Clark

Ms. LaCourse

High School

Mrs. McCauliffe

Mr. O’Brien

Mrs. Roberts

Ms. Shinski