12/21/21 Minutes


Hoosic Valley PTO

Meeting Date: 12/21/2021 @6:30 pm

Meeting location: In Person Elementary Library

Attendance: Liz, Melissa Kalbfliesh, Bessie Baldwin, Stacy Kyea

  • Call to Order at 6:33pm
  • Minutes:  Review of minutes
  • Officers’ Reports
    • Treasurer’s Report
  • Unfinished (Old) business
    • Duck donuts
      • Sold 100 dozen about $500 back
      • Most complicated part is pickup coordination
  • Festival of Wreaths
    • Did really well, largest to date
    • Prior to last year only in person, last year was only online, this year both
    • $1640 total
    • Very quick time crunch, next year request to start earlier for people to make wreaths
    • Team of 4 hung them very quickly
    • Need disclaimer next year that all sales are final, no refunds
  • Ornament night
    • Fewer than normal participants
  • Elem Yearbook
    • Chair is Tiffany Hurley
    • Starting now
    • Drive should be up after winter break
    • A parent volunteered to take pictures, needs district ok
  • Money handling policy
    • Needs to exist
    • Liz to send out email for committee formation
  • New Business
  • School Photographer
    • Return was $1857.53
    • Can we use the smile awards for spring? None were used
    • 10 families used multiple child discount
    • Resigning for next year
  • Spring Book Fair
    • Only one week due to covid may 16-20
    • We can open as soon as it’s delivered. Won’t know if we have extra days until scheduled.
    • More advanced reading books this time
  • Writing Olympics
    • Push writing Olympics to book fair – possibly May 19th
    • Reach out to hvaa to request no games that night
    • Building request form in and approved for the gym
  • Vendor Fair
    • March 13th
    • A few vendors signed up but looking for more
  • Replacement yearbook for student
    • $20 approval to replace a lost order never received
  •  Future Discussions
  • Spring Events
  • Book fair
  • Writing Olympics
  • Color run? GMA to check with the insurance
  • PTO insurance
  • Childcare during meetings – NHS? Seniors?
  •   Adjournment  at 6:59

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