August 13, 2020 Minutes


Hoosic Valley PTO


August 13th, 2020 @ 6:30pm 

Elementary School Parking lot (socially distanced)


Liz Ruepp, Lissa Kalbfleish, Amelia Manders, Carolyn Gifford, Cori Kinnicutt, Meg Bornt, Christa Waryas, Lisa Meehan, Darcy Beaulac, Tracy Jordan, Mr. Foti, Meg Luskin, Kim Macica, Sarah Weber, Amanda Akin


Accepted Minutes from July 9th, 2020 as read


Presidents/Treasurers Reports were presented: welcomed members for the 2020/2021 school year.




Unfinished business

  1. Yearbooks
  2. Kindergarten Policy


Actions Items:


  1. Yearbooks:  Yearbooks were being handed out at designated times/locations set up by PTO.  23 yearbooks were still available for sale.  30 days to return any unsold yearbooks, there were a few invoice issues that were being looked into.  The contract is complete with this company.
  2. Kindergarten policy:  Heidi Pascarella was looking into, kindergarten parents ability to be involved in PTO (recruiting), or just strictly with fundraising.  The policy is in the teacher handbook, and Heidi will look further into it in regards to membership and fundraising.




New Busiess:

  1. Restructuring committees
  2. Zillah books
  3. Kim Macicia
  4. G-suit switchover
  5. Set Meeting dates
  6. Writing Olympics
  7. Responsive classroom handouts
  8. NPTreasurer


Actions Items:

  1. Restructuring committees: If it takes more than 7 minutes to discuss something at a PTO meeting, a committee should be formed to handle the task.  The first committee that was created is a bylaws committee.  The PTO president, highlighted within our current bylaws what does not make sense.  Our bylaws should be updated every 2 years, and have not been in several years.  Sarah Weber volunteered to head this committee. (please contact Sarah Weber if you are interested in helping with this committee)
  2. Zillah books:  Typically done in the spring preK-6th receives a book.  This year the books will be purchased for the distribution at the beginning of the school.  Scholastic was running their 50 books for 50.00.  PTO motioned and voted to approve the amount of 649.00 (there were 2x 50.00 dollar donations, so the remaining balance of 549.50 will be paid by PTO).  
  3. Kim Macica, talking to kids about COV-19.  Kim Macica discussed the ebook free resource, “Helping our kids go back to school well” set out by the Academy of Character Ed.  She asked for PTO’s help in spreading the word within the community.  PTO motioned and voted to approve “hosting” an event in relation to this.  
  4. G Suite switchover.  PTO officers have been having issues using “regular” gmail.  PTO motioned and voted to approve a full switchover to G Suite.  
  5. Set Meeting Dates for the rest of the year.  Every other month there will be a meeting on Monday at 6pm.  The opposing month’s meetings will be on Wednesday at 6:30.  There was discussion of having a separate teacher meeting with PTO members who could attend, closer to the time of school dismissal.  Agenda items will need to be submitted 48 hours prior to a meeting.  The agenda will be posted 24 hours before the meeting on the website.  
  6. Writing Olympics.  Writing olympics did not happen in April.  No books because of the timing, but they are ready to go to the printer.  The idea of having a possible double book, where the previous 6th graders who participated would be able to be the room hosts.  Kim Macica volunteered to be co-chair along with Eric Coffin who already chairs the event.  It was also discussed that from this point on any event that PTO hosts will have a binder with a “template” for this event.  All information will then be on paper and digitized for safe storage.  This way future chairs will understand how the event is run, and any useful information other chairs found helpful.
  7. Responsive Classroom handouts.  Sandy Fancher put in a funding request for 330.00.  PTO motioned and voted to approve the request.
  8. NPTreasurer: Is accounting software specifically for PTOs and is free to use online for nonprofit.  PTO motioned and voted to approve using NPTreasurer as our new accounting software.  


Other new Buisness Action items:


Teacher and Staff appreciation: HVEF & PTO will join efforts to have a teacher and staff appreciation welcome back.  It will happen during one of the professional development days prior to students arriving at school.  If you would like to help please contact Liz or Lissa at 


Future Discussions:

  1. PARP
  2. PTBoards (host is up 10/1/20 to be able to switch, 129/year unless you use a referral code)
  3. Fundraisers for the upcoming year


Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm 


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