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Hoosic Valley PTO

Meeting Minutes

Date: October18, 2022

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Hoosic Valley Elementary School library

In Attendance

President: Liz Ruepp

Vice President: Lissa Kalbfliesh

Secretary: Lisa Meehan

Treasurer: Carolyn Gifford (virtual)

In Person attendees:  Tiffany Hurley, Bridget Chapko, Carly Lorini, Sarah Weber

Virtual attendees: None

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:33pm

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the September meeting were approved unanimously 

Committee Reports

  • Yearbook: Tiffany Hurley reported that the theme has been chosen, work is being done and pictures are being collected for school and classroom activities. Please upload pictures to the link on the hvpto website.

Unfinished (Old) Business:

  • Liz Ruepp reported that 13 tenure gifts were purchased and given out at the BOE tenure reception. Total cost was $350.35.
  • Halloween Night: Trunk or Treat currently has 25 trunks signed up for Oct 28 in elementary parking lot (bus loop); NJHS is still deciding if they are going to participate. Book fair will be going on in library and candy donation box will be set up in the lobby all the preceding week.
  • School pictures are set to take place Oct 21 and 22. Thanks to those who volunteered to help during the day. Teachers will be encouraged to get photos done to be included in the yearbook.
  • Numerous plants were donated by an anonymous community member, for staff rooms – expect to see those soon.
  • Book fair will be delivered and setup Oct 19. After delivery, call for volunteers to assist during school day and during trunk or treat will go out. Will also be open during parent teacher conferences. An amount of book fair dollars will expire soon so committee will work with Mrs Beamish to use them to purchase books for library and for Zillah Herrington program. A discussion took place regarding changes to the scholastic program and the need to look at other book fair options in the future.

New Business

  • Festival of Wreaths: still need to reach out to Mrs Silverman to gauge interest in chairing again this year. If not, we will solicit volunteer to chair this event as it’s fairly simple.
  • Conference Night Teacher Potluck: need a volunteer to setup Signup genius for teacher potluck to be held on parent teacher conference night Nov 2, 3-6pm. Will seek volunteer thru website and Parent Square
  • Ornament Painting night: Darcy Beaulac has offered to continue as chair for this activity. Cost would remain at $10 each using the same vendor as in previous years. Will coordinate with Festival of Wreaths when that committee has solidified – likely on Friday night 12/2. Lisa Meehan and Carolyn Gifford have offered to assist.

Funding Requests

  • Sara Straub requested $1000 or whatever of that PTO could give for a food truck to come during Nov 23 professional development day to serve teachers lunch. Requested was for Screaming Eagle concessions. Request was tabled until more information regarding that choice of vendor as there are in-district food trucks that would likely be less expensive.
  • Unanimously approved a request from Erin McCaullife for $220 to fund a field trip for art students to Mass MoCA.
  • Unanimously approved request for taking full page ad in Totem Pole (HV high school yearbook) for $200.

Future Discussion 

  • Discussion is taking place with district/admin regarding hosting a color run fundraiser in spring. Neighboring districts did very well with it.
  • Bridget Chapko reported that she is looking into options for a school wide field day activity in spring – bridging a fun event between buildings.
  • Lisa Meehan discussed idea of a Penny Wars fundraiser between the buildings, perhaps in conjunction with high school student council if they are interested.
  • Discussion regarding fall fundraiser. After discussing options and risks, it was decided to seek info for catalog sales group that had been used in the past (Boon Supply, formerly Mixed Bag).

Next Meeting

Date: November 15, 2022, 6:30 pm Elementary School library

Motion to adjourn was at 7:48pm

submitted: LJM 10/30/22

PTO MINUTES 10/20/2021


Meeting location: Elementary library @ 6:30




Stacy Kyea, Bessie Baldwin, Lisa Meehan, Amelia Manders, Liz Ruepp, Carolyn Gifford, Sarah Weber, Erin Coffin

Call to Order: 6:34pm

Minutes review from

Officers Reports:

  1.  Treasurer’s Report:  in touch with Connie, agreed to do taxes, have bank statements Started new fiscal year, different balance in bank acct verus registrar


  1.  School supply Committee:  Lisa is getting lots of emails from vendors.  We are cutting ties with our last vendor.  Sarah will volunteer if PTO runs their own school supply.  We will readdress the issue closer to the end of the school year, and will not commit to any company right now.

Old Business:

  1.  Tenure Gifts: Virtual vote for yes. 8 staff members, 20.00 Dunkin gift cards Total of 160.
  2. Fall Fundraiser:  Saratoga olive oils (Lisa’s idea another school was doing it), Mixed bags (in the past) worked well
  3. Membership Drive:  Flyers trickled out the last 1 ½ weeks ago.  Got a decent response.  No paper membership forms.  Liz will touch base with the teachers
  4. School pics volunteers:  Cori is asking for 2 volunteers for both days. Perk of volunteering:  Free photos.  Reach out to PTO members who are already “volunteers”
  5. PT conference Dinner:  November night dinner.  Normally due a “potluck”  Liz will contact Mr Foti with what we can do.  Maybe do a “snack” option of pre packaged food through sign up genius.  
  6. Elem Staff Room:  Need Mr Foti to go any further with redoing this room.
  7. School Banking:  Should be able to proceed Kristee smith will continue doing it.
  8. Book Fair:  Arrived on Friday, set up Monday doing all previews this week.  Can buy Wednesday during school, after school Thursday and Friday.

New Business:

  1.  Meeting Dates:  Set for year:  11/16, 12/21, 1/18, 2/8, 3/15, 4/19, 5/17 until new elections
  2. Treasurer Position:  Amelia is stepping down and will be looking for a volunteer for a position.  Amelia will sit down with the new treasurer and do a review of everything with them.  
  3. Money Handling Policy:  We currently don’t have one.  It is a huge liability.  They have a “tally” sheet chairperson and other PTO members and initial sheet.  Do it separately then give the paper to the treasurer.  We need a written policy on the flow of money and how it happens and where the PTO debit card is kept.  And are we supposed to be reimbursed for tax?    

Future Discussions:

  1.  PTO insurance:  Put up for a vote in the next month or 2
  2. December events
  3. Festival of Wreaths:  Erika is usually in charge of it.  Want to expand into high school.  But PTO would need a volunteer within the school to make that happen.  Maybe involve the student council or honor society.
  4. Ornament Painting:  Need a volunteer to head committee:  If necessary Lisa and Carolyn can do it

Adjournment:  7:54pm

May 2021 Minutes

PTO MINUTES 5/5/2021

5/5/2021 @ 6:30pm

Virtual zoom meeting



Carolyn Gifford, Liz Ruepp, Mr P, Bridget Chapko, Cori Kinnicutt, Sarah Weber, Tiffany Hurley, Mark Foti, Erika Silverman, Stacey Kyea, Melissa Kalbfliesh

Mtg start time: 6:33pm

Officers Report: