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Amazon Wish Lists

Make a Wish Come True

Every year our teachers reach deep into their own pockets to make their classrooms special for all types of learners. This year we are sharing their Amazon Wishlists and Donors Choose Projects with our community in a hope to offset these extra costs. Please check back often, as new needs arise throughout the year. If you aren’t given the option to send to the teacher directly, feel free to mail it to the school directly referencing the teachers name. Also, don’t forget to use Amazon Smile where Hoosic Valley PTO also benefits by getting money back on every purchase.  Click on the teacher’s name below to view their list.

Elementary School


Ms. Palmateer


Mrs Neary

1st Grade

Mrs. Mooney

2nd Grade

Mrs. Silverman

3rd Grade

Mrs. Soden

Mrs. Cruz

4th Grade

5th Grade

Mrs. Bochette

Mr. Pemburn

6th Grade

Ms. Clark

Ms. LaCourse

High School

Mrs. McCauliffe

Mr. O’Brien

Mrs. Roberts

Ms. Shinski