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Virtual Bingo Q&As


  • What is HVPTO Virtual BINGO?
    • This is an online game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off five numbers in a row or another required pattern.
  • Why are we playing Virtual BINGO?
    • The goal of HVPTO Virtual BINGO is to unite and entertain the HV Community: all students, staff, and family members are invited to participate!
  • When is BINGO?
    • Our first date for virtual BINGO is:
      • Friday, March 5 at 6:00 pm. Be sure you are setup and ready to play!
  • How do I sign up to play?
    • BINGO cards can be obtained at and signup will end the day before the event (Thursday March 4 at midnight). We do have a limited number of cards available and will cap registration when we reach that point – signup early!
  • How much does it cost? 
    • Since we are all learning how to host and play virtual BINGO, there is no cost to play, however, the PTO always welcomes donations of your time and/or money via our website. All cards obtained can be used for all rounds of BINGO on the night of the event – we are hoping to get in 3-4 rounds but will end around 7:30.
  • I registered – How do I get my cards?
    • After signing up to obtain your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your desire to participate. On the day of the BINGO event (around 2:00pm) you will receive another email containing links to access your BINGO cards and link to the Zoom meeting where we will call the game.
  • Can I play online and listen to the Zoom calls at the same time?
    • Yes! On most mobiles and tablets it’s possible to have Zoom running in the background while the browser is open so you can listen to the BINGO calls and mark your card on the same device. (Touch or click the numbers to mark your card when playing online.) Alternately, you can print your cards ahead of time or even copy them by hand onto a piece of paper – just be sure to write the card number that is assigned to your cards so we can confirm winning cards.
  • Can I play several BINGO cards at once on the same screen? 
  • Can I print the cards?
    • Yes! Watch this video demonstration to see how. After printing your cards, use coins, dried beans, small candies, etc. to mark your cards. Remember, all cards can be used for all rounds of BINGO on the night of the event!
  • How will we play?
    • Entry to the Zoom meeting (where we will call the game) will open at 6:00pm on the night of the event. The game will begin promptly at 6:10pm. If you are late to sign in you will be allowed entry between rounds. 
    • The caller will indicate how each round will be played. (Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, four corners, full card, etc.)
  • YAY!!! I HAVE BINGO! How do I announce?
    • Unmute your microphone and announce BINGO!!! Please also indicate this in the ‘chat’ feature of the Zoom meeting. The caller will check your card to confirm.
  • I’m still confused. Who can help?
    • Please email your questions to Lisa Meehan at
  • This was AWESOME and we can’t wait to play again!
    • We are so glad you had fun! Please post your pictures and comments on our Hoosic Valley PTO Facebook page and invite all your friends to the next game of BINGO!

January 2021 Minutes


Meeting Date:  1/6/2021

Virtual Meeting


Liz Ruepp, Lisa Meehan, Melissa Kalbfliesh, Erika Silverman, Bridget Chapko, Brandee Silloway, Bessie Baldwin, Carolyn Gifford, Stacy Kyea, Darcy Bealuac, Janice Lee, Christa Waryas, Amelia Manders

Mtg Start time:  6:34pm

Treasurer’s report:  Not many reimbursements, only check for snacks for the staff rooms, no funding requests last month. We might need to remind the teachers to utilize us, possibly partner with HVEF to reach out. We received a lifetouch check, it will be on next month’s report

Secretary’s report:  updated newsletter

Committee Reports:

  • Bylaws Committee:  format and send bylaws out this evening, read over for next meeting and get them approved
  • Yearbook:  back and forth on the idea.  Amelia is heading it up.  Most of it will be the class pics, not much content. Maybe put out a poll to see if parents were interested or call it for the year? One company has a “pay as you go yearbook”, no required number of books. Parents can customize 2 pages the other content would be what we prepare.  Amelia will do a facebook poll to see the interest.  Amelia will try to reach out to Kathy again and see how the photo folders are doing, possibly do reminders within the teacher bulletins.  Kathy went around and got pics before breaks.  Amelia did get permission to go in the school after break to get pics of classes with none.  The school class pictures have a lot of errors.

Unfinished (Old) Business:

  •  Festival of Wreaths:  Went really well!!  Amelia did a wonderful job with the website, tremendous response and would still like the online aspect.  Possible high school interaction, just not the year to do it but will reach out again next year to see if they would like to be involved.  Raised 964.65 through just the store, due to the extra fee for credit cards, but a total of 1019.65 with the donations.  Huge thank you to all that donated wreaths and those who purchased tickets towards the fundraiser.
  • Teacher wish lists:  Sent an email to the principals to send out a flyer.  Mr Foti wanted verification of who we wanted on the lists (teachers/aids)etc.  We agreed for everyone working in the building if they want a wishlist they can have one.  
  • Virtual Event:  Virtual bingo will be held on Friday, March 5th @6:00 pm. Bridget will be our caller. We will do a trial run before the event to work out any issues. We need to decide if we will have prizes/ fee to join.

Other things besides Bingo?  Paint and sip, cooking classes, scavenger hunt, trivia night etc

New Business

  •  PAPR:   Will run for the whole month of March.  Diving into Reading Ocean underwater theme partnering with Ronald Mcdonald house.  They will read 15 mins/5 days a week, track their reading and bring back every week. Ronald McDonald house  fundraiser – children will have sponsors for minutes they read or a flat rate.There is a website that people can send their donations through.  Ronald McDonald House will cut a 10 percent check back in what they raise.  They will be able to read certain amounts and get prizes through RMH.  Teachers will give raffles tickets and pull prizes at the end through school.  Possible donors –   Chrissys, Sammy Cohens, Fair, Schagaval, Brew Den, barber shops, Spare Time, etc. Ronald Mcdonald is going to do a virtual kickoff for the kids and the teachers will video their skit to introduce the program.  The top 2 earners would be invited to attend an event at the Ronald Mcdonald house. Possibly let kids order t-shirts to match the teachers for the month long event. 

Suggestion  – apply to Stewart’s holiday match for this.  Get money and then we can buy the gift certificates from local businesses. 

PTO voted to cover the cost of drinks and pizza for the teachers who will decorate on February 26 and fund decorations.  

PTO will provide a cover letter for donations.  

Can we incorporate Virtual “screen free” week?   Read aloud virtual night.  Kids could choose their own personal read alouds. 

  • High School Yearbook Ad 250.00 expense: All in favor, no one is opposed.

Future Discussion:


Adjournment:  7:37pm

October 2020 Minutes


Hoosic Valley PTO



October 5th, 2020 @ 6:00pm

Elementary School Parking lot (socially distanced)



Liz Ruepp, Amelia Manders, Carolyn Gifford, Janice Lee, Brandee Silloway, Lisa Meehan, Bessie Baldwin, Sarah Weber, Darcy Beaulac, Meg Bornt, Kim Macica, Stacy Kyea, Eric OBrien 

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September Meeting Minutes


Hoosic Valley PTO



September 3rd, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Elementary School Parking lot (socially distanced)



Liz Ruepp, Lissa Kalbfliesh, Amelia Manders, Carolyn Gifford, Janice Lee, Brandee Silloway, Lisa Meehan, Bessie Baldwin, Sarah Weber, Darcy Beaulac


Accepted minutes from August 13th, 2020

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Minutes – July 9th, 2020

JULY 9TH, 2020



 (for previous and new officers)


July 9th, 2020 @ 6:30

Elementary School Parking lot (socially distanced meeting)

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