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October 2020 Minutes


Hoosic Valley PTO



October 5th, 2020 @ 6:00pm

Elementary School Parking lot (socially distanced)



Liz Ruepp, Amelia Manders, Carolyn Gifford, Janice Lee, Brandee Silloway, Lisa Meehan, Bessie Baldwin, Sarah Weber, Darcy Beaulac, Meg Bornt, Kim Macica, Stacy Kyea, Eric OBrien 

Accepted minutes from Sept 3rd, 2020


Presidents Report

Treasurer’s Report:  Income/Expense Sheet

Secretary’s Report:  Working on a PTO newsletter   




Committee Reports

  1.  By Laws Committee
  2. Audit Committee
  3. Halloween Committee 


Action Items:


  1.  Sarah (head of the committee) is currently trying to set up a meeting that will work for her entire committee (hopefully within the next week).  Everyone on the committee has received the bylaws and had time to review.
  2. Audit committee will proceed once laws are rewritten. 
  3. Saturday the 24th Trunk or Treat will happen.  The Schaghticoke fair along with PTO will combine efforts to make this event happen.  It will be 5.00/car to enter the fairgrounds.  There will be “trunks” for children to trick or treat out of, and food vendors available for drinks and food.  Janice (head of committee) is working with Carly and Bridgette from the fair grounds to figure out the finer details.  Volunteers will be needed to be a “trunk” and candy donations will be accepted.  They are all working together to make sure all CDC guidelines through NY state are being met.


Unfinished Business:


  1.  Yearbooks- update for 2019-2020
  2. Food Truck event update
  3. Chalk the walk


Action Items:


  1. A Few yearbooks from last year still need to be distributed to kids who ordered them.  Lifetouch owes us approximately 2,000.00 in proceeds that we do NOT want rolled over.  Also wanted to see if Cori could make a flyer to get rid of the unsold yearbooks.
  2. Food Truck:  Feed the teacher event was very successful.  Pizza and 127 ice creams were enjoyed among the teachers and staff on Friday September 11th.  
  3. Chalk the walk:  Very fun event, the teachers and staff enjoyed the decorated sidewalks that students, parents and committee members participated in.  Thinking about making this an annual event before the start of school.


New Business


  1.  Approval to mail year book to out of district student 
  2. Funding request: Kindergarten scoop Chairs
  3. Formation of a virtual events committee
  4. Teacher wish list-preliminary approval
  5. Formation of the 2020/2021 yearbook committee
  6. Membership Drive
  7. Morp dance (Mr. OBrien)
  8. Fundraiser (Penny Wars)
  9. Kim Macica:  continuing the conversation 


Action Items:


  1. PTO motioned and approved to mail a yearbook to a student who moved out of district.
  2. A funding request was submitted for kindergarten scoop chairs.  It was for 24 chairs at a cost of 250.00 PTO motioned and approved the funding request.
  3. Virtual events committee:  PTO motioned and approved the formation of a virtual events committee.  Ideas were discussed on using kahoot for trivia, bingo, cooking classes etc.  Carolyn will highlight in the PTO newsletter a need for volunteers for this committee. 
  4. Teacher wish list:  Liz will head the committee.  Some of the teachers mentioned at the meeting it would be nice to have toys for the kids to play with inside at their desks for indoor recess.  Discussion was had to make sure funding requests worked (and it was mentioned that an easier funding request application was in the process of getting worked on).  Ideas were discussed about a possible garage sale of items, donations by parents of unused toys and possibly setting up a google photo album to show what is available and that all teachers have access to it.  
  5. Yearbook committee:  Amelia volunteered to head the committee (Kim M volunteered to help) and is looking for more volunteers (Carolyn will highlight in the newsletter a need for volunteers for this committee as well).  It was discussed setting up a google drive to store pictures through.  Ideas as to what to fill the yearbook with since no “events” will be taking place.  PTO discussed using Tree Ring as our new company instead of lifetouch.
  6. Membership drive:  We currently have 45 paid members.  Liz reworked the old flyer to produce a new flyer.  It includes a QR code, instructions on how to fill out membership/pay for it online.  Janice and Brandee volunteered to help with the paper distribution of the flyer.
  7. Mr OBrien discussed the MORP dance.  It is a fundraiser for the student council.  They will be conducting the dance outside.  They were looking for PTO to cover the cost of food for students.  (possibly 100-200 dollars for pizza).  Preliminary approval was made by PTO to fund the pizza once proper paperwork was filed.  
  8. Fundraiser idea:  Penny wars.  Lisa has all the notes still from her research into penny wars.  Kim and Lisa will work together to put this fundraiser in motion.
  9. Kim Macica:  Continuing the conversation.  How is it going?  How are kids dealing within the school?


Future Discussions:  


  1.  N/A


Meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm