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Screen Free Week

Screen Free Week

April 10th -April 13th

Do more, watch less … together!

WHAT is Screen-Free Week?

Screen-Free Week is an annual celebration when schools, families, and community groups pledge to spend a week without digital entertainment. Instead of watching TV, surfing the web, or playing video games, they read, play, think, create, get physically active, and spend more time with friends and family.

WHY Celebrate/Participate?

Regardless of whether children are consuming “good” or “bad” programming, ifs clear that screen media dominates the lives of far too many kids, displacing all sorts of other activities that are integral to childhood. Excessive screen time is linked to poor school performance, childhood obesity, and attention problems. And it is primarily through screens that children are exposed to harmful marketing. Screen-Free Week is a fun and innovative opportunity to reduce our dependence on entertainment screen media, including television, video games, computers. and hand-held devices. It’s a chance for children-and adults-to rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen.


Monday : Stories in the Library 6:30pm

Tonight our Hoosic Valley faculty will share stories in the library. Come in your pajamas. bring a blanket or pillow and get ready for a story time that you will remember for years to come!

Tuesday: McDonald’s Night 5-7pm

Come see the HV teachers serve up burgers and fries and the Mechanicville McDonalds. Make sure you check in as you enter the building, we will keep a tally of how many students from each class participate. The class with the most attendance will earn a special treat!

Wednesday: Magician Joey D 6:30pm

Magician Joey D will put a HUGE smile on everybody’s face as he takes the Hoosic Valley stage and performs his “Reading is Magic” show. With audience participation and a focus on literacy. this show will entertain all ages.

Thursday: BINGO Night 6:30pm

Easy to use game boards and fun prizes make this a great family night event. Come try your luck and win some cool prizes!


These are family events; therefore all children must be accompanied by an adult.