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September 2023 Minutes

Hoosic Valley Parent Teacher Organization

Regular Meeting Minutes:  September 21, 2023

HV Elementary School Library


President: Liz Ruepp

Vice President: Lissa Kalbfliesh

Treasurer: Carolyn Gifford

Secretary: Lisa Meehan

Members (in-person):

Sarah Weber, Adam Myott, Jessia Clark, Amanda Myott, Val Lavigne, Bessie Baldwin, Kimberly Macica, Carly Lorini

Members (online):

Stacey Kyea, Denile Paro, Darcy Beaulac

Called to Order: 6:32pm

Treasurers Report:

Issue with TreeRing – TrustCo bank refused to deposit it but had no explanation why it happened. TreeRing will be issuing a new check with hopes it will not have any issues.

Staying with Money Minder for online transactions. $240 spent for yearly fee. It’s easy to use, and money is linked directly our TrustCo account where most PTO business is transacted. There is also a CapCom account that is linked to the scholarship requirements that we are required to utilize.

Committee Reports:

School Supply kits – Delivery of 86 kits was on 9/1 and was fairly smooth. Minor damage to 2 boxes required replacement of 2 items for 1 student. Upon unpacking, 6th grade kits were missing several red binders and 12 were missing 3 subject notebooks. Vendor identified warehouse issues and eventually conceded that they were unable to resolve the problem and could not supply the needed items. Recommendation that the committee assess the need for this service and for possible alternate vendors to use going forward.

Unfinished Business:

Plants for Teachers – still in process and expected to be brought in soon!

New Business:

Yearbook – utilizing TreeRing again this year. Need at least 2 committee members ASAP. Please let Liz know if you are interested.

Book Fair – Have books for 2 weeks this year. Delivery typically comes the week before, expected 10/23-27 this year and will be open during Trunk or Treat. Need at least 2 volunteers to chair this committee ASAP. Please contact Liz if you are interested or would like to learn more.

Tenure Gifts – 9 teachers were awarded tenure. Motion passed unanimously to provide gift cards in the amount that matches last year for each teacher at or after the tenure reception.

Trunk or Treat – On October 27, 6:30-8:00 in conjunction with Book Fair. 6th graders sign up for hosting trunks. If they do not sell out, they are offered to teachers/staff and then to anyone interested. For more information, contact Carolyn Gifford, Stacey Kyea or Carly Lorini. Candy donations will be collected during the 2 weeks leading up to the event. Darcy Beaulac and Carolyn Gifford will work with NJHS to provide help at the event.

Picture Day – will be on 10/25, 10/26 and 12/6 by Adirondack Portraits. Need 2-3 volunteers to assist during the day. Volunteers receive a free package. Contact Liz if you are interested.

Color Run – we are approved to host this. Looking at the possibility of hosting in the spring. No additional volunteers are needed at this time.

Fundraising – Discussion regarding hosting a LipSync contest with students, staff and community participating. Mr. Myott is willing to provide input and encourage participation for this event. Cost is minimal and fundraising will be by donation and perhaps sale of refreshments. Timing was discussed for a winter. More discussion to follow.

Funding Requests:

Nicole Neary – requested $100.54 to reimburse for pizza served at Responsive Classroom training. Motion approved unanimously.

Aimee Hanna – requested reimbursement for $17 for summer school ice cream outing. Motion approved unanimously.

Adam Myott – requested up to $50 to purchase 2 DVD’s that are used as part of his Spanish curriculum. Motion approved unanimously.

Future Discussions:

STEAM Night – hoping again to get this off the ground for winter night. Discussion needed to develop a plan for this event. Perhaps targeted for winter.

Guptills Night – received another flyer publicizing a skating night. Will again pursue this as an option for an activity night/fundraising event.

Odyssey of the Mind – program is growing which sparked discussion regarding funding of t-shirts. PTO is moving away from funding those and discussing other ways PTO can support the program. Liz will reach out to coordinator.

Upton Coffee in Stillwater has expressed interest in working with PTO to support the organization as well as the teachers and staff at the schools. 

Discussion regarding the need for a membership drive. Information will be provided through Parent Square and flyers may go home to encourage families to join the group.

2023-2024 meeting times – decided to plan for PTO to meet on 3rd Wednesdays of each month where possible. Next meeting 10/19. Will publicize meeting on Parent Square, Facebook, on monthly menu, at BOE meetings and on website.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm

Submitted: 10/4/2023 LJM

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