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November 15, 2023 Minutes

Hoosic Valley Parent Teacher Organization

Regular Meeting Minutes:  November 15, 2023

HV Elementary School Library


President: Liz Ruepp

Vice President: Lissa Kalbfliesh

Treasurer: absent

Secretary: Lisa Meehan

Members (in-person):

Shannon Hansen

Jessica Hoag

Stacey Kyea

Denile Paro

Kimberly Macica

Greg Caswell

Members (online):


Called to Order: 6:29pm

Minutes: Not reviewed

Treasurer’s Report: No monthly report

Committee Reports:


Unfinished Business:

Plants for Teachers – still in process and expected to be brought in soon!

Yearbook – Megan Luskin has agreed to be chairperson for this year. This committee is in need of a co-chair. Jess Hoag has volunteered to assist with this. If anyone else is interested, please contact Megan or Jess.

Book Fair – took in $9410.91 with a profit of $2314.24. This amount is enough to cover the cost for the Zillah Herrington program. We were also able use approximately $234 to purchase all books placed in the teacher’s “wish baskets” which they greatly appreciated!

Spring book fair is tentatively scheduled for May 13-19 – possibly overlapped with a game night hosted by NJHS.

Fundraiser idea:  Color Run. Greg Caswell has participated in these at other schools and has knowledge of the benefits and the process needed to host. Several vendors to assist were discovered that offer different levels of support that are tied to different profit levels. A committee was formed to look further into which vendor (if any) makes sense based on HV’s needs and desired outcome. Stacey Kyea and Tiffany Hurley have offered to work with Greg Caswell in getting this off the ground.

Picture day – was completed and was fairly successful. Pictures should be in any day and retakes are scheduled for 12/6.

Guptills skating night – There is still a lot of interest in putting together a skating night. Several members present offered to keep attempting to contact Guptill’s to obtain details.

STEAM night – There is still interest in making this night happen – perhaps in the Jan-Mar timeframe or perhaps as part of PARP week. Liz will reach out to Mrs.Greco and Mrs. Clark to get the planning going on this. Lisa Meehan and Shannon Hansen have also offered to assist.

Teacher Potluck – was offered on the evening of parent teacher conferences. There were more financial donations than food donations so Liz bought and prepared food. Teachers were appreciative and were able to eat and/or do takeout dishes that night as well as for lunch the following days. 

Festival of Wreaths and Ornament painting night – moving forward. Wreaths will be due by noon on 12/1 and hung up that afternoon to coincide with Ornament painting night. Raffle tickets will be sold at that event and at music concerts 12/6. Winners will be selected on 12/15. Flyers have gone out for both things and publicity will begin very soon. Ornament night will have 2 time slots to attend to spread the crowd out. Please see Lissa Kalbfleish or Darcy Beaulac if you would like to help on the night of the ornament event (12/1).

New Business:

Donation Received: $275 from the Schaghticoke Angels was graciously received. Liz will reach out to thank that group for their generosity.

Funding Requests:

Kimberly Macica requested $100.72 for 4 player math game x8 for her classroom. Request approved unanimously.

Andrea Das informally requested $200-300 to support a 7th grade field trip to see Ben Frankenstein at Sage. Request approved pending submission of formal funding request and approval by the district for the trip.

Future Discussions:  None

Next meeting 12/20 at 6:30 pm in the elementary school library.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm

Submitted: 11/26/2023 LJM


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