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May 2021 Minutes

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Treasurer’s Report:  Will have a more detailed report for the mtg in June.  There is 1 outstanding balance for Mr. OBrien (for pizza)

Committee Reports:

  1. Yearbook Committee
  2. Writing Olympics
  3. Teacher Appreciation

Action Items: 

  1. Yearbook committee:  more pictures than can be used, able to free up an extra page today, submitted pictures through the yearbook website to have a random page for candids
  2. Writing Olympics:  We are not going to be able to make it happen this year, the deadline has already been reached.  Liz will continue to try to see what is going on.  Maybe doing a summer time event but the printing would be the biggest obstacle.
  3. Teacher appreciation:  Stacey:  teachers were thrilled with it all, going around the school in the morning got a lot of teachers, in HS only about 4, decorated the staff room, she put snacks out for the business department and the bus garage as well.  Chalk the walk is happening on May 6th.

Unfinished (old) Business:

  1.  Meet the candidate night
  2. Park Ave Confectionary fundraiser
  3. School photographer
  4. Spring Raffle

Action Items:

  1.  Meet the candidate night:  Christa moderated, and went really well.  It was recorded and is on  the PTO website, and linked on a facebook post.
  2. Park Ave:  Reached out in February to have a fundraiser for mothers day.  reached out again before the April mtg and responded that they are not ready for a fundraiser, and will try and reach out to them again.
  3. School Photographer:  We no longer want to do business with Lifetouch, no one will call back or respond to email.  Contract is up normally and we signed up in december.  She reached out to adirondack life portraits.  They look like a solid company to go with.  Include child safety cards, kids can pick their own background, multiply family member discounts and reasonable prices.  Many of our neighboring schools use them.  If we are all in agreement that would be a great way too.  Will contact them and hopefully there is avila
  4. Spring Raffle:  Almost ready to go.  Will go live next week.  We will be accepting donations for a chance to win an american girl doll, a ring doorbell, 200.00 aldi gift cards, kendra scott earrings, and valley cats spot for bball camp. 

New Business:

  1.  Book Fair
  2. Food Truck event
  3. Sensory Path
  4. Camp day for Kids at school
  5. Ms Wolfe

Action Items:

  1.  Approval for an outdoor book fair.  Missy Rowe will be a resource but will not lead the event anymore.  Need 3 weeks lead time and only send the cases not the tabel tops.  Can run it BOGO or percentage.  We have 272.00 in scholastic dollars.  Teachers pick out each individual book for kids.  It will be outside, the cases are heavy and bulky and they tip.  We can have the cases for 5-7 days if wanted, Bridget offered a building at the fairgrounds for this event to happen.  It would happen after school.  Keep numbers to a minimum, hand sanitizer, need dates now to plan for 3 weeks out.  Do it June 2, 3 and 4th.  Hours would be 2:30-6:30 on the three nights.  (and possibly Saturday morning for a few hours).  
  2. Food Truck Event:  Approved!  Now we have to plan a food truck event.  Initial thought:  Try to get this event planned for the last ½ day of school.  Have a couple food trucks come early in the day and provide the staff lunch.  In the evening, open it up to the community and ask the food trucks to share a percent of the profit to cover the price of the staff lunch.  Parking and traffic is a concern.  Block off the bus parking lot to put the food trucks there, the elementary school lot open and high school parking lot open.   Need to set up a food truck committee.  Melissa will volunteer, Bridget and Sarah will help. 
  3. Sensory Path:  Interest in pursuing elementary school.  Teachers got together and priced out.  Stickers on the floor and wall to engage their sensory systems.  Help kids “move” around.  Create a break from class.  The teachers came up with 3 areas of the school that would benefit from it.  Someone came out to the school J&A sign company.  You can create your own path.  They priced out a couple paths (15ft long path 1300, 20ft 1700 materials and installation)  Potentially PTO and Education foundation pitching in for it, along with the board lots of support implementation.  
  4. Camp Day: june 14-18th (rain date Friday) The plan is:  over 4 days, split up by grades.  All activities that will not affect the school. Remote students would be included.  UPK would be invited. 5 things to do:  total:  would be around 1500.00
  •  Midnight bowling in the new gym (amazon 308.00)
  • Frisbee obstacle course (would be the “gift” to the students) 500.00
  • Pool noodle obstacle course 
  • Water games, kickball pool style(3-4)
  • Art Station (draw designs) kids can paint and mount in school for display (125)
  • Mr Ding a ling truck Friday:  11:30-2 pick 9 items 

    5. Ms Wolfe:  recently experienced the loss of a child. Donate $100 to the Janson foundation in the memory of Baby Iris. Liz will Initiate the donation

Future Discussions:

-6th grade flyers for school pics  (19 for a 2 hour period  and an hour after school for remote learners)

-School supplies:  Tight on time, Lisa wants to make sure everyone is still on board 

Adjournment:  8:03pm

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